ABASSCO. Group, the sole manufacturer of Strontium & Barium compounds in Middle East utilized the first unit at 6-thousands Mt capacity within national knowledge totally in 1989 located in Khorasan province. During the years, the Group successfully created the second unit at 30-thousands Mt capacity with national design and talents fully automation located in Garmsar city, Semnan province. In this regards, the Group exports more than 90% of the production to the greatest companies through the world from the north of European (Germany) toward Far East (Japan). With a high quality and standards the Group is ready to meet the customers' requirements in each grade of chemical and physical aspects.


Our vision is realized by:

-        Committed employees and national knowledge 

-        Responsible purchasing

-        Producing qualified base on a mechanized structure and full automation

-        Offering one-hundred percent competitively

-        Combining organizing operation and continuous improvement

-        Expanding production proportional to inland and worldwide markets

-        Defining inquiries and achieving their requirements

-        Reaching a profitable growth



 Strategy & Business


As declared the annual capacity for production of Strontium & Barium Compounds are 30 thousand tones. The factory has area at 20 hectares where expand 80 kilometers from east to Semnan province and 120 kilometers from west to Tehran capital. We established exclusively based on 23 years experiences and by study and research and conclusion fully national in such industry, and are working out automatically with an acceptable quality and efficiency to the extent of world standards.

According to the production capacity and high concentration of ABASSCO. to the export of products, it should remind that this group has owned the private railway station whose capacity for loading is almost 100 containers of 20 foot per day, located in 5 kilometers far away the factory that all procedure of loading containers and releasing the cargo done there. Hence, multimodal transportations, freight, inland, railway transports; for packing and bulk materials such as Strontium & Barium compounds and Celestite Ore and also inland and railway transport by tanker truck for liquid materials such as Sodium Hydrosulfide; are very feasible through Iran and all over the world.

The target markets are great due to the wide applications of the products. The inland markets are being in the field of Zinc and Lead Ingot productions but the abroad markets which is more than 90% of sales is including Ferrite for permanent Magnet, Glaze and Ceramic, Purification of electrolytic Zinc, Pyrotechnics and Fireworks, Production of Strontium Metals and other Compounds.


Message of Manager

Hamid Alavi

CO-Founder & CEO


Mr.Hamid Alavi, as CO-Founder of ABASSCO. Group., was born on 1964 and graduated in Chemical Engineering. He began his career to establish his first plant of Barium production on 1989, and going on to invest in different categories through Iran; and now days he is planning to set up the biggest Strontium Plant in the world with a capacity of 300 thousands tones annually whose 100 thousands tones is for production of Strontium Carbonate.

He holds seats on the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture of Iran, and the Community Industrial Managers of Iran.

He believes the latest factory of Strontium Carbonate which would stop is ABASSCO. His belief based on according to following chances:


-        Huge reserves of raw materials: There are intact huge stone reserves of Celestite at a high quality in Iran since it’s more exclusive than all reserves through the world.

-        Energy resources (Gas & Oil): Iran has the greatest sources of Gas in the world, and is a prior country for Oil and Coke; while such opportunity makes ABASSCO. as the sole potential producer for Strontium production process.

-        Geopolitical area: Basically, Iran is located in the middle of world markets including Far East and north of Europe, so able to transport all over the world at a very suitable charges.

-        Exclusive Technical Knowledge: Independence in both scientific and equipment, approaches ABASSCO. toward the best future for developing and progress.

And finally, ABASSCO. is one of the most strategic manufacturer of Strontium Carbonate by the above mentioned occasions.